National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation

(A Govt. of India Undertaking, Ministry of Minority Affairs)

Engagement of Young Professionals (YPs) in NMDFC..


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Advt. No. NMDFC/H&A/ENG-YP/2022/01

National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation

1st Floor, Core-1, Scope Minar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092

Dated: 14.06.2022

Engagement of Young Professionals (YPs) in NMDFC

1. The National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NMDFC) was incorporated on 30th  September, 1994 as a company Not for Profit, under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, now  under Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013. Main objects of the Corporation are to promote economic  and developmental activities for the benefit of "backward sections" amongst the minorities, preference  being given to the occupational groups and women; to promote self-employment and other ventures  for the benefits of minorities; to grant loans and advances at such rates of interest as may be  determined form time to time in accordance with the guidelines or schemes prescribed by the Central  Government or by the Reserve Bank of India and to extend loans and advances to the eligible  members belonging to the minorities for pursuing general/professional/technical education or training  at graduate and higher levels. Apart from this, NMDFC also undertakes CSR activities in the fields of  Health, Education, Nutrition etc. as per the requirement of the Companies Act. 

2. NMDFC seeks to provide a unique opportunity for Young Professionals (YPs) to work and get  exposure in its functional areas. It seeks to engage persons with a passion for development and the  potential to become future leaders in their respective fields. The professionals should be highly  qualified, motivated individuals having experience which is relevant to development and who can  provide high quality professional inputs in the field of Finance, IT and CSR. The proposed Young  Professionals should be able to demonstrate proven academic credentials and professionalism. 


3. NMDFC is looking for engaging a pool of talented Young Professionals (YPs) as per the following  details:


Name of position

Young Professional


Number of positions

One for finance Area, 

One for IT (Database Management Area) 

One in CSR (Public Health)


Age limit

Maximum age 32 years as on the date of advertisement


Period of Contract

For a period of ONE year.


Remuneration (pm)

Rs 70,000/- (TDS as applicable will be deducted)


Education qualification:




6 (a)


Post Graduate degree  in Finance / MBA  (Fin.) from UGC  recognized university /  National Institute with  minimum 50 percent  mark.

B.Tech (CS) / 

Master’s Degree 

(M.Tech./MCA/MSc . (IT/CS) from UGC  recognized university 

/ National Institute  with minimum 55  percent mark or 

equivalent grade.

PG in Public  Health, Nutrition or Education from  UGC recognized  university /  National Institute  with minimum 55  percent mark.








6 (b)

Essential experience

One year experience in  the field of financing of development projects.

One year in analysis,  design and  development of  ERP/IMS/Software 

systems for financial  institutions.

Experience of  algorithms and data  structure, 



Experience with  MySQL database,  Postgre SQL,  RDBMS, object


programming, NET,  PHP, Javascript,  HTML, Perl.  Awareness of threats  relating to web  application security.

One year  experience in  implementation of programs in the

area of Public  Health, education  or nutrition.


Desirable Qualification

·         PhD 

·         Publications in UGC  approved Journals.

·         PhD

·         Publications in  UGC approved  Journals.

·         PhD

·         Publications in  UGC approved  Journals.


4. Terms and conditions of engagement:

(a) Selection Procedure: 

·         They shall be shortlisted based on educational qualifications and experience. 

·         The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Selection Committee. Decision of the  Selection Committee will be final.

·         Depending on the number of applications received, NMDFC reserves the right to adopt  appropriate short-listing criteria for selection of YPs.

(b) NMDFC reserves the right to cancel the process at any stage.

(c) Period of contract shall be One year extendable by another year.

(d) Termination: NMDFC can terminate the contract at any time with one month’s notice to the  Young Professional. The Young Professional can also seek for termination of the contract upon  giving one month’s notice to NMDFC. 

(e) Settlement of Disputes: NMDFC and the Young Professional shall use their best efforts to  amicably settle any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of the Contract or the breach,  termination or invalidity thereof. 

(f) Arbitration: Any dispute, controversy or claim between the parties arising out of the Contract, or  the breach, termination, or invalidity thereof, unless settled amicably, as provided above, shall be  referred by either of the parties to the CMD, NMDFC, who will arbitrate for the settlement of the  controversy.

(g) The appointment of Young Professional is of a temporary nature and the YPs cannot in any  manner lay claim for regularization of service in NMDFC.

(h) Submission of Applications: Eligible candidates may send duly filled application (in the enclosed  proforma) along with photographs and all the relevant enclosures (self-attested) to latest by 5.00 pm on or before 29th June 2022.

DGM (HR & Admn.)





(All eligibility conditions to be satisfied on the closing date of application)

A. Personal Details:


Applicant's Name (As Per  Matriculation Certificate)


Affix latest passport  size photograph duly  self attested across.


Father/Mother/Husband's Name



Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)



Age as on cutoff date of the  advertisement  

(As per Matriculation  


...............Years............... Months................ days





Address for Correspondence



Permanent Address



Contact No./Mobile No.







B. Academic Qualification (in reverse order, starting from the latest):

S. No.


Name of Board/  Institute/  



Year of Passing

Division/Grade /Percentage

Distinction (if any)










*Attach Self attested documents in support of claim







C. Professional Qualification (in reverse order, starting from the latest):

S. No.


Name of Board/  Institute/  



Year of Passing

Division/Grade /Percentage

Distinction (if any)
















*Attach Self attested documents in support of claim

D. Details of Publications (UGC Approved Journals):



Publication Details















E. Other relevant Achievements (including research experience, published paper etc.): Attach Sheets

F. Experience Details:



Name of  









Responsibilities in brief

Emoluments  per month)










































*Attach Self attested documents in support of claim

Total work experience (in years):                  ____________

Work experience in relevant field (in years):             ____________


G. Current Work Profile:

Organization :              ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________



Position :                     ______________________________________________________

 Date of Appointment: __/__/__

H. A short note on your suitability for the post (in around 250 words, either typed in double space or  neatly handwritten): Attach Sheet







I. Undertaking:

i. I,_____________________________, hereby undertake that the above information is correct  and nothing material has been concealed.

ii. I have gone through the vacancy circular/advertisement and agree to the terms and conditions given  there.

iii. I undertake to submit the original documentary proof in respect of my educational qualification,  experience, date of birth, address etc. as and when asked.

iv. I undertake that I fulfill the eligibility criteria as per the advertisement/guidelines. In case of non eligibility, my candidature is liable to be rejected without informing me.

v. I undertake that no criminal case is pending against me and I have never been convicted by any court  of law.

Name & Signature of the applicant



Source: NMDFC