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Regional review meeting at Imphal

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CSR (Anglo Arabic Sr Secondary School)

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CSR (Delhi United School)

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National Conference and workshop

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Yoga Day-2018

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Signing of MoU

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Workshop on Official language

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Southern Regional Review Meeting

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Womans Day-2018

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Shilanyas at Jogipura under CSR

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Hunar Haat-Inauguration on 11.02.2018

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Honourable Minister visit in Mumbai

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Hunar Haat,Mumbai-2018(Inauguration)

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Regional review meeting 05.01.2018

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National Unity Day 31.10.2017

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Hunar Haat,IITF-2017(Inauguration)

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Vigilance Awareness Week 30.10.2017

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Visit of Honourable Minister 27.10.17

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Lecture on Cleanliness on 11.10.2017

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Nukkad Natya on 11.10.2017

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Donation Campaign on 11.10.2017

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Swachch Abhiyan -2017

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Hunar Haat in Puducherry -September 2017

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Hyderabad Annual Conference 8.7.2017

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Yoga Day, 2017

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Bhopal Review Meeting (25.3.2017)

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Imphal Review Meeting (17.3.2017)

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Puducherry Review Meeting (11.3..2017)

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Crafts Aur Cuisines Ka Sangam -2017

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Event Corner

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