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1 Chapter-1:Introduction, How to apply under RTI act, Quarterly Return Reports and Fee Structure Quarterly Return Reports
2 Chapter 2 : Organization structure, functions and duties [SECTION 4(1)(B)(i)] Organization structure
3 Chapter 3 : Powers and duties of Officers and employees [SECTION 4(1) (B)(ii)] Powers and duties
4 Chapter 4 : Rules, Regulations, Instruction Manuals and records for discharging functions [SECTION 4(1)(B)(v)] Instruction Manuals and records
5 Chapter 5: Arrangement for the formulation of the policy [SECTION 4(1)(B)(vi)] Arrangement for the formulation
6 Chapter 6: Chapter 6 : Categories of documents held by the authority under its control [SECTION 4(1)(B) (vi)] Categories of documents
7 Chapter 7 : A statement of Boards, Council, Committees and other bodies [SECTION 4(1)(B) (viii)] Committees and other bodies
8 Chapter 8 : Name, designations and other particulars of the PIOs [SECTION 4(1)(B)(xvi)] particulars of the PIOs
9 Chapter 9 : Procedure followed in decision making process, [SECTION 4(1)(B)(iii)] Procedure followed in decision making process
10 Chapter 10 : Directory of officers and employees [SECTION 4(1)(B)(ix)] Other information
11 Chapter 11 : Monthly remuneration received by officers and employees, [SECTION 4(1)(B)(x)] officers and employees
12 Chapter 12 : Budget allocated, plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursement made [SECTION 4(1)(B)(xi)] Budget allocated
13 Chapter 13 : Manner of execution of subsidy programmes [SECTION 4(1)(B)(xii)] Manner of execution
14 Chapter 14 : Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits [SECTION 4(1)(B)(xiii)] Particulars of recipients
15 Chapter 15 : Norms set for the discharge of functions [SECTION 4(1)(B)(iv)] Norms set for the discharge of functions
16 Chapter 16 : Information available to or held by, reduced in an electric form [SECTION 4(1)(B)(xiv)] Information available
17 Chapter 17 : Facilities available to citizens for obtaining information [SECTION 4(1)(B)(xv)] Facilities available to citizens
18 Chapter 18 : Other information Other information
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